Mac Repairs

We are able to repair Powerbook, iBook, Macbook, Macbook Pro, Mac Mini, iMac, Iphone, and iPads. We provide a speedy professional repair at a very reasonable price.

We can repair anything on Macs from Screens, dc jacks, board level repairs, liquid spills, power buttons, keyboards to a new SuperDrive.

Mac Upgrades
Running out of hard drive space or memory? why not let one of our mac experts fit a bigger hard drive, but what about all my data I hear you ask!! there’s no need to worry as we can image everything over to a big new drive so that when you get your mac back everything will be as it was when it arrived except you’ll have lots more free space.
Mac memory is relatively cheap to upgrade nowadays so give us a ring & speed up that Mac.

Mac Data Recovery
We can recover data from a failing or failed mac hard drive.

Does your mac freeze during boot or at random times? do you hear clicking or grinding noises whilst your mac is trying to boot? do you have a flashing folder icon or a grey screen after the apple symbol?
Then there is a good chance that your hard drive maybe starting to fail or has already failed, switch off your mac & call us on one of our numbers below, do not keep switching on the mac hoping that it may boot as you will almost certainly be doing more damage.

Typical types of failure
Logical failures: 
This is usually the result of damage to file the system, this maybe caused by the file system getting corrupted by unexpected system shutdowns, power outages, accidentally formatting the hard drive etc. With this type of failure it is likely that the hard drive would still be seen by the Mac’s hardware but would probably not boot, would reset, freeze during the boot process or have a flashing folder icon.

Hard Drive Head & Platter

Hard Drive Head & Platter

Physical Failures: With modern hard drives spinning at 7200rpm & the read heads hovering nanometres from the disk platters, it only takes a Macbook to get knocked/dropped while writing to the drive for a collision to occur causing catastrophic damage to the platters. Physical failures can also manifest themselves by a drive just clicking (head failure), drive not spinning up (Motor failure) or not being detected by the computers bios. You may get some warning your hard drive is starting to fail if you get the odd clank or click whilst using your Mac, it is imperative that you shutdown your Mac and call us on one of the numbers below, failure to do this could end up with data recovery costing several hundreds of pounds to get your precious family photos etc back.

Media Problems: Can occur when the hard drive has developed bad sectors (A bad sector is a sector on a hard drive that cannot be used due to some sort of damage), this can make it impossible to access via Mac OSX, normally the hard drive will still be seen by the Mac’s hardware but you will suffer lockups, temporary or permanent freezing of OSX.