Computer Virus Removal

Last Year We Helped More Than 4500 Happy Customers with Virus Removal!

  • Getting all those annoying pop-ups when browsing the web?
  • Is your computer getting slower by the day?
  • Are you getting unusual errors or having trouble using everyday programs?
  • Can you not even login to your system any more or get onto the internet?
  • Does Your Computer just switch off and crash?
  • Does Your Computer “blue Screen” with a trillion error messages?
  • Does Your Web Browser lock up, crash and freeze?
  • Are you getting phone calls from people claiming to be Microsoft, who are trying to sell you software which will “clean” your computer?

If you are having one or more of these symptoms it is highly likely that your system is infected with a unwanted piece of software (malware) or a virus (including trojans and backdoors).

First of all, don’t panic! Usually all your your data (including photos and music) is safe and your system needs to be thoroughly cleaned by our professional industry standard software and tools. We have some of the brightest technicians in the country who can successfully clean all types of computer / pc viruses, spyware and malware usually leaving your operating system and data intact.

Just call us today and speak to one of our friendly and helpful advisor’s who can help you get your system running tip-top again, we can sometimes even offer an online remote service for virus cleanups so you don’t even need to bring in to our shop or arrange a collection!

Once your system is clean we usually advise we install the award-winning Avira Antivirus system. Avira Antivirus is one of the only antivirus systems with a near 100% detection rate, we offer unbeatable pricing on this software and we’ll even install and configure it to it’s most effective settings free of charge!